Steel foundry Ligrap is certified by ISO 9001: 2008, 14001, 18001 standards

Ligrap d.o.o.

Ligrap Foundry was established in 1981st as a foundry of non-ferrous metals. Foundry started with production of items for church: church bells, horos, chandeliers, candlesticks, etc… Soon LIGRAP became a leader in the region, and since 2003 began production of gray iron and steel castings.

The technology is based on sand casting, using high quality materials that provide top-quality casts. Foundry manufactures quality castings, one piece or small and medium-weight series. Castings can weight from one to three hundred pounds if they are iron and steel castings, or up to 3000 kg if they are made from bronze.

Ligrap products are quality steel castings including all types of manganese and stainless steel castings - acid and water resistant. Chemical analysis of castings is done by quantum meter analysis.

On the customer’s request, Ligrap produces spare parts, machining of castings, and production of spare parts from standard materials purchased from reputable suppliers.

Quality of our products is long-term customer satisfaction in the field of mining and energy sector, food industry, chemical industry, construction industry, the manufacture of paper etc. We invite you to cooperate with us to assure you of our quality.

Quality Policy

Quality Policy of " Ligrap Foundry " is based on the following principles: Employees are one of the main pillars of our existence and development. Management system is documented in line with ISO 9001 which provides separation processes in all fields of labor, which provides conditions for continuous improvement.

Careful business planning allows us the rationalization of costs, without compromising product quality and working conditions. The continuous renewal of equipment and use of new technologies in the service quality is products and increase productivity and profitability.